Tom Tanktop  
Birth Croydon, South London


Record store owner
Based Bridgetown

Favourite model

Love all Vespas and Lambrettas, from the lowly PK to the  SS 180, a Cento to an SX 200

First interest in scooters

In 1978 a family holiday to Scarborough coincided with a scooter rally.

Current scooter

PX 200 Serie Speciale, '63 GL 150, PK100

Former scooters

Triumph Tina Starstream LI 150 Vespa 90 2x Vespa 100's, Rally 200, 150 Super 100 Sport, SS180 2x PX125's 3x PK50's, P150X 2x V50 Special's P200E 2x T5mk1 PX200E

Most useful tool in the shed

Angle Grinder (see below)

Poison of choice

Strongbow cider

Top restoration tip

If you get hacked off with it, cut it down and create a 'Replica 80's Street Custom'
Top five I can't explain - The Who
Al Capone - Prince Buster
Whatever - Oasis
Shoes - Bobby Bland
Night Boat to Cairo - Madness