Birth I thought that was compulsory


Computer programmer



Favourite model

Megan Gale and an Airfix 1/12 scale Supermarine Spitfire Mk I

First interest in scooters

I thought it would get me laidÖ        Iím still waiting!

Current scooter

Series 3 frame

Former scooters

1980 GP150 Copper plated, very tasteful. 1951 Douglas Rod, Li 175 Silver Special

Most useful tool in the shed

My Dick. 

Poison of choice

Beer with a Beer chaser.

Top restoration tip

Have a go yourself, even if you break it the first time itís probably cheaper than getting someone else to do it.

Top five

Mirror in the bathroom, The Beat

Pump it up, Elvis Costello and the Attractions

London Calling, The Lambrettas

Only for Sheep, The Bureau

Who are you, The Who

Let Down, Radiohead (Actually, every Radiohead song released)

Coppertop GP Izzy, Douglas & the Silver Special