Nicknames Bolty
Birth Bolton, Lancashire


Based North Lake

Favourite models

TV 200

First interest in scooters


Current scooters

1965 TV200, 1964 GS 160, PX210E Serie Speciale 

Former scooters

1996 PX210E, 1970 GP 200, 1967 SX150, 1964 Pacemaker, 1963 TV175....

Most useful tool in the shed


Most embarrassing moment

Run off the road by rockers in a Reliant Robin and riding through some hedges on to a toffs front lawn where he was reading the Sunday Times and drinking Pimmsidden off the road by 5 greasers in a plastic rat - straight into a hedge into a pimms drinkers garden

Poison of choice

Strongbow Original

Top restoration tip

Buy quality avoid Vietnam/India
Favourite gig Madness V festival 2009
Favourite tracks

Good thing - Fine Young Cannibals

Beggin - Frankie Valli

What's it gonna be -  Dusty Springfield

Mercy - Third Degree

One step beyond - Prince Buster/Madness