Oxo (since I was 7)
Birth Batley, West Yorkshire


Sales Engineer

Mt Claremont

Favourite model

Mrs Oxo

First interest in scooters

1978, following a brief spell as a punk, then into the Mod revival

Current scooter

1963 LI Series 3 - mugello186, GP crank, varitronic, 26 mm PHBH with 

RAM air filter

Former scooters

GP225 (Didn't appreciate what I had, & rode it into the ground)
Former clubs Red Lion SC Heckmondwike, Batley Phoenix SC (Founder member)

Most useful tool in the shed

Mobile phone

Poison of choice

Mothers milk (Kilkenny & Caffery's) you can live on the stuff

Top restoration tip

Give it to someone else to do

Top five

Depends what mood I'm in

Best gigs

Madness 2009