Nell, Nelly, Gommy, Kipper

Birth Rothwell, Leeds UK                                             


Based Mt Hawthorn                                                             

Favourite models

Jen Hawkins

First interest in scooters

As a mod I loved the chrome and mirror thing  but didn't own one - Gold Mini 850. My GP was an AF scooter-boy machine  with no side panels an ear splitting Fresco an open mouth dellorto. 

I rode it to the runs around the UK in about '84 with the Rothwell Crusaders. Made it home from all the runs in good order, not the same could be said  for the rider.            

Current scooter


Li S3 190 . My current Li has been in my shed for more than 15 yrs, my own shed find !!. The colour scheme was Kurt inspired in metallic off-red and bright yellow. Designed to make you puke. Hence it's now been restored back to it's original-ish blue panels and white frame.  Specs are:  186 Suzuki conversion  with fully opened/tuned/ polished ports and head. 30mm PHBH, 42 Clubby, mildly chopped legshields and side panels, Uprated bearings (touring and GP 200) and clutch, side stand and twin  seats. Due to hit the road in Early '05. See pics below.

Former scooters

GP 125 AF

Most useful tool in the shed

Several essentials in no particular order:  A half brick (see photo). 

A fridge for the below answer, patience, a large lump of anything to beat  the crap out of, rather than the scoot, another member of the scoot club (to blame the empties on and offer advice) and a clock 'cause 2 am comes around real fast when you're pissing about with the wiring/ bearings/anything.

If you've got rice burner or chappatie burner then a calendar would be more appropriate. 

Most embarrassing moment Cabling the gearbox backwards

Poison of choice

Cider oaked

Best gig

Johnny Thunders / Sex Pistols / Edwin Starr

Most useful tool in the shed


Top restoration tip

Know when to stop working due to above answer, budget 50% more than you expect to spend and learn to work on your machine!     

Top 5

Do I love you indeed I do

Chinese rocks