Nicknames Willy
Birth Oldham, Lancashire


General Manager
Based The Vines

Favourite models

Lambretta GP

First interest in scooters

Late 70's early 80's

Current scooter

1964 LI Series 3, 2005 PX150

Former scooters

Vespa - 50 Special, PX125E, PX200, Lambretta GP150, GP 200

Most useful tool in the shed


Most embarrassing moment

Riding to Isle of White, my mate on the back insisted on putting his feet down every time we stopped.  Next petrol station I decided not to put my feet down - neither did my mate and we ended up in a heap much to the amusement of the group of bikers!!

Poison of choice

Boddingtons Bitter

Top restoration tip

Pay someone who knows what they are doing!!
Favourite gig The Jam circa 1982
Favourite tracks

The Jam - Strange Town

The Chords - Maybe Tomorrow

Nirvana - Lithium

Stain'd - Outside

The Jam - Burning Sky