Mandurah Mark
Birth Romford Essex


Brick cartage & sales
Based Mandurah

Favourite model

PX, GS, TV, LI, Rally

First interest in scooters

Got a brand new Vespa 50 Special, 3 weeks before me 16th birthday 1979,due to the mod revival, then the film, that was, it hooked.

Current scooter

2003 PX 200
Former scooters Vespa 50 Special, Rally 200, LI 150, Vega "in a box" PX200.

Most useful tool in the shed

Beer fridge

Most embarrassing moment

Riding from Essex to Scarborough on a Vespa 50 took 18 hours, last 10 miles had to stop 20 times or owning a Lambretta

Poison of choice


Top restoration tip

Pay someone 

Top 5

Strange town The Jam

My generation - the Who

Zuit suit The Highnumbers.

Liquidator Harry J and the Allstars.

That's entertainment - the Jam.

Hush - the Hoola Shackers

Best gig

Old Gig - 1979 Bridge House Pub Canning Town, Johns Boys, turned out to be the went off.

New Gig -The Who Sydney 2004.