Leepi or Rinser


Leeds, West Yorkshire


Crane Operator


Perth WA

Favourite model

Lambretta Li 150

First interest in scooters

As a schoolboy, the local mods would ride around on Lambrettas in their parkas, and I was so jealous. Then when I went to live in Mallorca I needed a cheap mode of transport, so I thought, I`ve always wanted a scooter. I ended up buying 2 and taking them back to England. I then  shipped them over to Perth when I moved here.

Current scooter

1963 Vespa 150s and 1983 Vespa P200E (both Spanish models)

Former scooters

Only in my dreams.

Most useful tool in the shed

My Halfords Proffessional socket set..(I know that's more than one tool, But it has come in handy so many times..!..)

Poison of choice

Southern Comfort

Food of choice


Top restoration tip

Have a go yourself...but its handy to 

Top 5 playlist

Haven`t got a top 5, I like such a different variety of music my top 5 would change regularly.

Best gig

Without a doubt Knebworth 10 August 96 Ocean colour Scene, Manic Street Preachers, Chemical Brothers, Headlined by Oasis. But by far the best band 
there was The Prodigy...The best live act I`ve ever seen..