Fulham Martin


Guildford Surrey


Business Development


Mt Pleasant

Favorite model

Li 150

First interest in scooters

1968 riding on the back of my cousins Lambretta around the local youth clubs

Current scooter

PX 210
Former scooters Li 150

Most useful tool in the shed

1. Glasses 2. Clean Rags 3. Mick’s Mobile number
Most embarrassing moment Stalling at traffic lights, (still happens!!)

Poison of choice

Beer, Beer and a good red wine

Top restoration tip

Get somebody who knows what they are doing and then control the purse strings.

Top 5

Too many to mention, good stomping Northern Soul, Ska/Blue beat and any other good new or old music

Best gig

Gino Washington at the Guildford Civic Hall in 1969. 

Snake Davies and his Alligator Shoes at Roundhay in 1984. I could go on...