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Paradise Lost Scooter Club is a group of  individuals who share a common love of geared Italian Vespa and Lambretta (or  derivatives) be it stock standard, fastidiously restored, old and patina, mildly tuned, obscenely tuned, customised, mod, skelly or cut down.

PLSC is about riding scooters, having a laugh, restoring, tuning (and occassionaly destroying) scoots,  frosty pints and enjoying the company of your mates. It's a way of life that adds music and a unique style along the way. If we have to explain, then you probably won't get it.

Membership to PLSC is by invitation only. To become a club member you'll need to:

Own and ride a classic geared scooter
Ride on 3 club runs and 1 club overnighter within 12 months
Be invited to join by two foundation members (those that have been in the club 4 years or more) .

If you're a scooterist visiting Perth from Eastern States or overseas get in touch for a beer, any excuse for a run and a bevvy will do..

Email: paradiselostsc@yahoo.com.au