Nicknames The anorak, adorable adrian adonis, telly, casper
Birth Tripoli, Libya


Postman plod. < chef by trade >
Based Glynde South Australia

Favourite models

Small frames, rally 180 and jet 200

First interest in scooters

Rode a rally 200 when I was 12, scars to prove it

Current scooter

motovespa p200e dn
lambretta sx 150

Former scooters

Rally 200, sprint veloce,  jet 200,  vbb125, 150 super, 72 primavera, Li S3 186

Most useful tool in the shed


Poison of choice

Mary J Warner, single malts and quality ale

Top restoration tip

Do your own thing..
Favourite gig
Second Madness gig at the Concert Hall. They played two gigs on the same night, straight after each other. The skins got right out of hand and took the stage big time. Seats ripped out etc. Also the night we slept out for the tickets was hilarious, I met a ton of people and it was a real eye opener.
Favourite tracks
the guns of brixton - the clash
loaded - primal scream
holidays in the sun -  sex pistols
perfect kiss - new order
spellbound - siouxsie and the banshees